Module 6: Generate Product Reviews

About Module 6: Generate Product Reviews

Product reviews are best written by humans because you’ll need to inject your opinions and be persuasive. That said, you can speed up the process by asking ChatGPT to list out the pros and cons of a product before you review it. Ultimately, most reviews are a list of pros and cons – and trying to highlight the benefits while mentioning the features.

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Generate Product Reviews

Something that you'll almost certainly be doing as an affiliate marketer is posting product reviews.

After all, affiliate marketing is all about the (ethical) promotion of other vendor's products in exchange for an affiliate commission.

You are promoting to visitors who either already know the product they want and are looking for reasons to buy it and possibly also the best deal. Or those looking for products to satisfy a particular want ("how can I lose weight") or eliminate a pain point ("what's the best treatment for arthritic knees").

It's your job to help these searchers out with relevant product reviews and to bring the reviews to their attention, either by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) organic ranking or by PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Products can be digital, for immediate download or physical, for delivery by the vendor.

Clearly, you can't buy every product that you want to promote and write your own personal review.

But you can research reviews posted by others.

The lessons in this module teach you how to:

  • Use ChatGPT to review a given product and
  • Use ChatGPT to review and compare two different products.


Ai the end of this module, you will be prepared to write different types of product reviews that will help your visitor choose the right one for their needs and reward you with the affiliate commission.

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