Lesson 3: You Are the Writer

You Are the Writer

But there are 2 important points to note here…

ChatGPT is telling you that it’s a text generator. It is NOT a writer. You are the writer.

It’s telling you not to take its information as gospel. That’s because as good as this tool is, it gets facts wrong sometimes.

You don’t know what the future holds…

There are already tools like Originality.ai which can detect AI-generated content.

So as marketers increasingly exploit AI tools to flood the internet with monotonous, repetitive content, you can bet Google will start clamping down on these sites.

It’s just a matter of time before AI content is deemed ‘unworthy’.

What will happen to your sites that have AI-content?

It’s anyone’s guess… but if history is any indicator, just like how sites which used spun content (and other methods to manipulate ranking in search results) got slapped harder than Chris Rock – the same just might happen with AI content.

So you must be wary.

ChatGPT can ONLY give you what’s already out there

Since the tool creates content based on its data set, it’ll never think out of the box or come up with ideas that truly make you stand out.

It’ll give you variations of the same thing it’s giving anyone and everyone else.

The leaders in any industry are those who come up with new angles for existing ideas or create something that has never been seen before. ChatGPT cannot do that. It lacks creativity.

If you wish to make a name for yourself and stand above the noise, ChatGPT’s content alone will not do it for you.

It lacks personality

Let’s be clear here…

ChatGPT is NOT like Arnold Schwarzenneger in Terminator 2 who can make people laugh with an “Hasta la vista, babehh” quote even if he's a robot.

AI-generated content has no humor or personality. While you could ask it to write lame jokes for you or model other authors, it’ll still never get it totally right.

People come online for entertainment.

Even if they’re looking for information, they still want to be entertained. ChatGPT can’t do that. Only you can.

Only you can weave in your experiences, thoughts, personality, wit and voice into your content.

This is the type of writing that will polarize your audience, hook them in by the eyeballs, and keep them reading till the last word.

You’ll get fans and haters. Which is exactly what you want.

Attention is the currency online.

Stand out and people will follow you. Now you have an audience.

If ChatGPT’s content was what the unwashed masses wanted, people would be in libraries reading the dull textbooks there.

But no. They’re on TikTok watching brain dead people doing dumb dances. And marketers think people are going to read their boring ChatGPT content.

PFFT! Not happening. You've got to be better than that, if you want your engagement and audience retention to be high.

This is why so many other marketers aren’t too happy with ChatGPT.

They have an acute understanding of the online scene and predict that formulaic, insipid content will saturate the internet.

With the hordes of mindless marketers using ChatGPT, everyone’s content will sound the same… and their writing will be duller than a dirty bowling ball.

But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater!

14 Baby and Bathwater

This AI tool can be highly useful… and when everyone else is zigging, if we zag, we’ll be fine.

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