Lesson 1: Review a Single Product

Review a Single Product

In this example, let’s ask ChatGPT to list the pros and cons for a very popular sales funnel platform – ClickFunnels.

61 clickfunnels pros and cons

If you wish to review ClickFunnels with the hope of getting affiliate sales, you’ll need to hype up the benefits.

Let’s ask Chatty to do that. We all know it loves talking up a storm.

62 hype up clickfunnels

I only hyped up the first 3 points so you get an idea of what’s possible. You can always do more.

With these points and ChatGPT’s help, you can easily write your own review because you have a starting point.

From here, you just need to weave your personality and sincerity into the review. Ahem… even if your ulterior motive is to make sales.

Always remember the quote by George Burns…

“The key to success is sincerity. If you can fake that, you've got it made.”

HA! Saw that?

That’s wit and humor. Something Chatty isn’t capable of… and something only you’re capable of.

Use ChatGPT as an assistant but always know that you’re the boss when it comes to content creation.

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