Lesson 4: Using ChatGPT with PLR Content

Using ChatGPT with PLR Content

PLR content, also known as private label rights content, is usually written by humans and you get the rights to use the content as your own.

If you’re purchasing PLR from a reputable seller, the content will be well-written. However, one downside here is that everyone else who bought the same PLR as you, will have the same content as you.

To differentiate yourself from the rest and stand above the noise, you’ll need to personalize your content.

Rewriting PLR Titles

The first step will be to write new titles for your PLR articles. You already know what’s coming next… yes. Time to wake up Chatty!

This is a screenshot of a bunch of titles from a pack of ‘Gut Microbiome’ PLR articles sold by one of the best health PLR vendors around – MasterPLR.

35 master plr

While these titles are good, guess what?

Most of the people who buy the pack will use the titles exactly as they are. You gotta be different!

To do that, you’ll create a prompt like this…

“Rewrite the 10 blog post titles below and make them attention-grabbing.”

You’d then copy and paste the titles below the prompt.

36 rewrite plr titles

ChatGPT has rewritten every single title for you. You can keep what you like and discard what you don’t. You can always ‘regenerate’ new titles until you find those you like.

Sometimes, you can use your own creativity to mix and match titles to create ones that you feel are best. Don’t fall into the trap of only relying on ChatGPT.

Rephrasing PLR Content

As mentioned earlier, one disadvantage of using PLR is that the content will usually not be unique because others have the same content too.

One way to get around this issue will be to ask ChatGPT to rephrase the content for you. Of course, you’ll want to take a sensible approach here and do it in smaller chunks so things don’t go haywire.

For this example, I have a PLR article with these 2 paragraphs.

37 article

To make this PLR content unique, I’ll just ask ChatGPT to rephrase it.

38 rephrase

Now you have new, unique content derived from your PLR content. If you’re using small chunks of AI-content scattered throughout your article, it’ll probably be fine.

Not only will your PLR be unique, but the entire thing won’t be a piece of generated text. Ultimately, only you can decide if you want to use the rephrased content as it is… or rewrite it a bit. It’s up to you.

There’s still one more ChatGPT tip for PLR…

But I’ll cover this next.

Keyword Research with ChatGPT

When you publish PLR (after putting your own spin on it, of course) the next step is to find the keywords that will drive visitors to your new product.

Keyword research tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush can be pricey for the beginner marketer. If you’re on a tight budget, ChatGPT can help you discover root words and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.

Let’s assume we’re in the testosterone niche (this is a red HOT niche these days!) and our root keyword is ‘increase testosterone tips’.

A quick search on Google will show these 2 sites at the top of the search results…

39 testerone article 1
40 testerone article 2

To find the LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keyword used on the page for site #1, I’ll use this prompt… “Find me the LSI keywords in this article:”

Then copy and paste the content from the page under your prompt.

41 Find LSI keywords

Do note: I’ve cropped the image above. The full article is below the prompt in ChatGPT.

Here are the results…

42 LSI keywords found

We can also ask ChatGPT what keyword a page is targeting.

Let’s try it with site #2…

43 what keyword

Once again, I’ve cropped the image, but the full article is pasted below the prompt in ChatGPT. You need to give the tool enough detail for it to make an artificially intelligent decision.

Let’s see the result…

44 target keyword

So now you have some idea of what keyword the page is targeting.

Remember the missing tip I mentioned in the previous lesson?

Don’t tell me you forgot again… and don’t even think of asking ChatGPT to help you remember!

Anyway, the missing tip is this…

You can use ChatGPT to SEO-optimize your PLR content to some degree. In the previous chapter, we rephrased the paragraph for the testosterone article.

Now after doing keyword research with ChatGPT, we have several LSI keywords at our disposal. By weaving these keywords into your PLR content, you will help your content to rank better in the search engines.

I’ll just ask Chatty to insert 3 LSI keywords (chosen by me) into the paragraph I rephrased earlier

45 insert keywords

That’s it! Chatty did it in less than a minute… and now my content has 3 LSI keywords in it. Awesome!

You could even write your own content and ask ChatGPT to sprinkle LSI keywords into your content for you.

Don’t overdo it or it will rewrite your entire article and you’ll be back at square one.

Moving on to the next lesson… Use ChatGPT as a Search Engine.

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