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This topic is probably the most contentious issue when it comes to the ChatGPT debate. At the risk of sounding like a parrot sitting on a broken record, I’ll say this AGAIN, “AVOID copying and paste entire ChatGPT articles” on your site.

Use the tool to AID in content creation… BUT make sure you do most of the writing yourself. Now let’s get started.

So where were we?

Ah yes… the gardening article. We’ve already asked ChatGPT to give us 3 points for both the benefits of indoor gardening and improving soil health.

The next thing we’ll do is ask ChatGPT to create an outline for the article so that you have a guide to follow instead of being all over the place. Once again, remember that ChatGPT is a conversation. Just ask it to use the points above to outline an article.

23 creating an outline

Now that you have all the necessary ‘components’ for an article, it’s just a matter of using:

  • One of the titles ChatGPT provided you
  • The GPT research that you’ve fact-checked
  • And start writing your own article based on the outline ChatGPT created for you

Even though we’ve saved a ton of time by shortcutting the writing process, some people may still find it hard to write from scratch. A blank page can be intimidating.

But worry not. We’ll use ChatGPT to get the ball rolling.


Let’s ask it to generate an introduction for the article…

24 write an introduction

I don’t know about you… but that’s a long-winded intro to me. We live in a world where people won’t even wait 2 seconds before scrolling past a TikTok video.

You definitely can’t expect them to sit through ChatGPT’s introduction… yaaaawn!

If you can say something in two words, never use three – unless it’s to entertain or engage the reader.

Time to ask Grandpa Chatty to shorten the introduction. I’ll ask it to summarize the article into 5 lines.

25 summarize into 5 lines

That’s ok… but still too long. Looks like it’s more than 5 lines too. Never mind. Let’s ask for a 3-line summary.

26 summarize into 3 lines

(I keep saying ‘above’ in my prompt because it’s an ongoing conversation in ChatGPT. I’ve cropped the screenshots here to make them easier for you.)

Excellent! So we have a short introduction that gives the gist of the article. Now you have a starting point to write your own introduction.

In this case, I’d probably write an introduction like the one below…

What? You love gardening but you don't have an outdoor garden?

Worry not. Indoor gardening has your name written all over it.

You can still enjoy health benefits, better air quality in your home and a joyful sense of purpose when you see your indoor plants and vegetables growing and thriving.

Now, let's see how you can maintain good soil health so that your indoor garden has healthy, flourishing plants and produce – instead of looking like a barren desert!

It’s longer than ChatGPT’s summary… BUT by asking a question, I’ll probably hook the reader and reel them in. You’ll notice that I’ve woven in the key points provided by ChatGPT into my intro.

That’s how you do it. I’ll bet every cent I have that no other ChatGPT user who tries to generate an article on the same topic will have the same/similar intro as me.


If you can create an introduction… you can create a conclusion too.

I’ll ask Chatty to create a conclusion for me.

27 conclusion1

Oh look. Chatty got carried away... AGAIN! Well, I’m having none of that!

I’ll ask it to remove everything above except the last paragraph… and now we have a decent conclusion.

Onto the next module: Get the Best Out of ChatGPT.

28 conclusion2

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