Lesson 3: Data Extraction and Target Audiences

Data Extraction and Target Audiences

Data Extraction

I don’t even know if this is called data extraction… but I’ll use this term anyway.

Just because it sounds cool… and unlike ChatGPT, I’m not restricted by data sets. I don’t even know what ‘data sets’ means, but that sounds cool too.

Sometimes, you may come across boring, long-winded and complex chunks of text that you don’t understand.

Actually, in most cases, I can’t be bothered to wade through all that text when there are new episodes of The Blacklist (Season 962) to watch.

What I want is the Cliff Notes version – concise, simple and to the point.

ChatGPT Can Do “Concise”

Let’s assume we want to write an article about ‘Ketosis’.

If you searched for the Wikipedia explanation, this is what your unsuspecting brain would be assaulted with…

30 ketosis

Look at that massive wall of text! It’s so tedious and mind-numbing, it could put a can of Red Bull to sleep!

Ain’t nobody got time to read all of that. So, what we’ll do is create a prompt like this… and let our friend, Chatty, deal with it.

Give me 10 key points from the article at this URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketosis

Point format. And simplify it like I’m a 5th grader.

You’re not going to believe this, but even ChatGPT was a bit slow when it came to digesting and extracting the data. Imagine that! Let’s look at the results…

31 ketosis key points

Saw that?

All neatly laid out for you in a simple, easy-to-understand point format.

Writing about ketosis will be much easier now. If you wish to squeeze in a few scientific facts, you can ask ChatGPT to do that too.

32 scientific facts

From here, it’s just a matter of weaving the facts with the points and creating your own article. Once again, remember to fact check ChatGPT’s points.

Target Audiences

Knowing whom you’re writing for is crucial when deciding on the voice and tone in your writing.

For example, if you’re in the prepper niche, do you know who your target audience is? – Let’s ask Chatty!

33 target audience

Just based on the audience, I immediately know that my content will need to be accurate, hard-hitting, pragmatic, and brutally honest.

Trying to be ‘woke’ and writing about gun control and other liberal issues will only alienate my target audience. The tone in the content will need to be more masculine and ‘matter of fact’.

Your content must not only be factual, but also useful in an emergency or crisis. This is a serious niche with people serious about being prepared.

You can’t half-ass it, or your audience just might end up like the guy in the meme below.

34 meme

Next we'll look at using Chatty to personalize PLR (Private Label Rights) content.

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