Lesson 2: Will ChatGPT Write Emails?

Will ChatGPT Write Emails?

Only one way to find out. Let me ask it to create 5 subject lines for an email marketing course on prepping and survival. I’ll provide it with 5 topics.

59 email titles

Those are good email subject lines. You can even ask Chatty to write you an email.

For this example, I’ll ask it to generate a 350-word email with 3 points and a call-to-action asking my subscribers to read my blog post.

60 write email

That’s about 230 words or so. You’ll definitely want to rewrite parts of the email and inject your personality into it.

Not only can ChatGPT write sales copy, but it can generate quality emails too.

It’s imperative that your emails sound like they’re coming from a real person. As much as we love Chatty, at the end of the day, it’s a robot.

 Now let’s push the envelope and see if it can create product reviews…

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