Lesson 1: Important Types of Sales Copy

Important Types of Sales Copy

Let’s Create a Headline…

I came across this ad on Facebook.

49 facebook ad

The copy looks ok. So I shall model it…

Let’s assume I have a Facebook ads course showing buyers how to generate leads.

I’ll use the sales copy above as an example for ChatGPT to model. It’s important to use examples in your prompts when necessary.

Let’s see how it does…

50 sales copy headline

That’s a reasonably good headline! I’m impressed. Now let’s try something else…

Bullet Points

In this example, we’ll assume I have a YouTube software that helps users rank videos and do all the cool stuff these types of tools always promise. I need bullet points for my sales copy… and I’m going to ask Chatty to get them for me.

51 bullet points

This is good… but they’re not salesy enough. So I’ll tell Chatty to HYPE THEM UP!!!

52 bullet points hyped

That’s much better!

I Need a Landing Page

Besides headlines and bullet points, you can always ask ChatGPT to create sales copy for a landing page. And that’s exactly what I’ll do now!

53 long landing page

Aaaand once again Chatty got carried away and churned out a whole bunch of copy with fake testimonials and stuff. It’s quite a good liar!

Anyway, no need to panic. I’ll tell Chatty off and ask it to get its act together.

54 short landing page

Now this is good landing page copy.

If I used it and created a landing page in LeadPages, this is what it would look like…

55 final landing page

You gotta admit… it looks LEGIT!

With ChatGPT’s copy and a good page builder, you could create a landing page in 20 minutes or so. I rushed the one above just as an example for this report.

But if you designed an e-cover for your report and built a solid page, you’ll see good conversions. Don’t dismiss ChatGPT’s copy because it’s AI-generated.

Write an Etsy Description

If you’re on Etsy or have your own ecommerce store, ChatGPT can easily generate product descriptions for you – if you give it the necessary info.

I found a cool product on Etsy… and took screenshots of it and the description, just for you to see.

56 etsy product

Let’s assume I have a bundle of 80 dropshipping templates I wish to sell on Etsy.

All I need to do is create a prompt asking ChatGPT to generate a description and give the description above as an example

This is what I got…

57 create etsy description

I just used a URL in the prompt. If ChatGPT can’t access your URL, then you’ll need to copy and paste the text from example description below your prompt.

The above description is too long. Chatty really is a chatty fella… time to sort that out.

58 summarize etsy description

This is a much better description! You may wish to rewrite parts of it, break it down into smaller paragraphs and so on.

What’s important here is that you understand how ChatGPT can create sales copy for a variety of projects.

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