Pros and Cons

ChatGPT has a number of Pros and Cons. Let's take a look at them individually.


It helps you overcome writer’s block

Trying to create content from scratch is difficult because of the writing inertia you may be facing. With ChatGPT, you can easily create outlines, get ideas and much more. It’s easier now to get the content creation ball rolling!

Doing research is fast!

Instead of scouring through articles online or heading to the library and being in the presence of other nerds, with ChatGPT, you’ll be able to do excellent research in minutes – anywhere, anytime.

It gives you ideas you would have never thought of

Since the tool has been fed data for years, it’s fantastic for brainstorming topics, slants, etc.

Now I could go on and on about the benefits of this tool… but let’s not waste time.

Just know that it’s excellent for assisting with content creation. This is why so many marketers love it.


Ohhh… there’s a bunch of them here.

Marketers will misuse it

You don’t even need to think twice about this one.

Marketers are the scourge of the internet. Even now as you’re reading this, you can bet some marketer somewhere is generating tons of ChatGPT content for their private blog networks that are full of spammy links.

A whole bunch of them are probably scheming to flood Amazon’s Kindle marketplace with AI-written books.

This is just the beginning. There’s no depth to which they won’t stoop.

Which leads to another problem…

Copyright, authorship and plagiarism

Currently, ChatGPT has over 100 million users. That’s a lot of people.

Now let’s assume that just a hundred of them are marketers in the yoga niche and they’re using ChatGPT to create content. (This is a very possible scenario.)

If they were to ask ChatGPT to generate an article, for example, “7 Yoga Tips for Beginners”…

… it would create 100 variations of the same article based on the data it has.

Now we have to wonder…

Who owns the copyright to this content?

Who’s plagiarizing whom?

If everyone sounds like everyone else, who’s going to stand out?

You don’t even know where ChatGPT is pulling the content from.

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