Lesson 3: Generate Topics in Seconds!

Generate Topics in Seconds!

If you’ve been blogging for a while, one of the biggest obstacles you’ll face is trying to brainstorm topics for your blog.

While you could head over to Amazon and look at the ‘Table of contents’ for the different books there, it’s easier to fire up ChatGPT and ask it to give you a bunch of topic ideas.

Let’s assume my niche is gardening… this would be my prompt…

16 gardening-topics

Now you have 10 topics to write about.

I want you to remember topics #1 and #4. We’ll get back to them later!

You could even ask ChatGPT to give you a list of sub-niches for your niche. These could be the categories on your site.

Let’s try it out!

17 gardening-sub-niches

Now you have 5 sub-niches you can cover. But that’s not all!

Remember… this is a conversation you’re having with ChatGPT. You can ask for more based on what you just told it. Let’s ask it for 3 topics for each of the sub-niches.

18 gardening-topics

With ChatGPT, you can discover thousands of topics related to your niche that you’d have never even thought of.

These topics could be for blog posts, YouTube videos, PLR articles and so much more.

But topics alone aren’t enough. You need titles for your articles and you’ll need to research the topic before creating the content.

So, being the hardworking souls we are, let’s ask our new friend, Chatty, to do the heavy lifting for us in the next lesson. Yes, I’m calling it Chatty from now on.

More to come…

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