Lesson 2: Check Your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammer (sic)

Check Your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammer (sic)

You thought you caught a mistake above, didn’t you?

Wrong. I intentionally spelled grammer wrongly.

Oh look, I did it again.

And now, I’ll intentionally add a few mistakes to my introduction just to show you how ChatGPT can be used to correct those pesky writing/typo errors.

In the example below, I typed out the prompt in a text file, then pasted the introduction below it – and finally copied and pasted the entire thing into ChatGPT.

I just find it easier and neater to do it this way.

This basically means that you can post your entire article into ChatGPT and let it run a check for you. That’s excellent!

No longer will people make mistakes with words such as ‘loose and lose’ and the multitude of unwashed masses will not have to figure out if it’s ‘there, their or they’re’.

May basic writing proficiency rule the interwebs!

And on to the NEXT METHOD…

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