Module 2: The ChatGPT Debate

About Module 2: The ChatGPT Debate

ChatGPT has its fans and detractors. Among marketers, this tool is almost as polarizing as Trump or Andrew Tate. To understand why this is happening, we need to look at the pros and cons of this text generator.

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The ChatGPT Debate

Any tool like ChatGPT is going to be divisive, especially in its early days.

The lessons in this module help you get on top of the debate by analyzing the pros and cons and helping you to understand and avoid plagiarism.

The most important takeaway is for you to fully grasp that you, not the AI, are the writer. ChatGPT can be a powerful tool and helper but in the end it has to be your words that get published to your online business.


At the end of these lessons, you will have a clear understanding of where ChatGPT sits in your toolbox and a determination to use, not abuse it as a tool.

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