Lesson 4: Title Creation and Topic Research

Title Creation and Topic Research

If you remember, I told you in the previous chapter to remember 2 topics.

Go on… admit it. You already forgot, didn’t you?

Of course, you did. You reaallllly need Chatty!

Title Creation

Anyway, I generated 10 article titles earlier… and I’m selecting topics #1 and #4.

19 topics 1 and 4 selected

Now I’m going to combine both topics to create one article on the benefits of indoor gardening and how to improve soil health.

20 creating titles

In the next image, you’ll see me having a pleasant conversation with ChatGPT.

First, I’ll ask it for 7 attention-grabbing titles for my blog posts.

Then I’ll ask it to create titles for YouTube videos.

Once ChatGPT gives me these titles… I ask it to ‘Hype them up’ … and I’m being a bit demanding, just to show some dominance.

ChatGPT needs to know who’s boss here.

It’s crucial that you understand how the conversation works. To get the best out of ChatGPT, you may need to keep giving it instructions to fine tune your results.

So pay attention to the conversation below.

21 attention grabbing titles

Topic Research

Now that you know how to create titles, it’s time to ask ChatGPT to do some topic research for you.

In this example, I’ll be creating an article on indoor gardening and soil health. So, I’ll ask ChatGPT to dig up a few points for me.

22 topic research

Voila! A bunch of done-for-you research. But don’t rush off to copy and paste it!

Let me reiterate this – ALWAYS fact check ChatGPT’s research.

Now that we’ve a list of topics, titles, and research – it’s time for article creation…

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