Lesson 5: Use ChatGPT as a Search Engine

Use ChatGPT as a Search Engine

While not as good as Google (yet), ChatGPT can be used as a search engine too. Ask it whatever you want and just see what shows up.

Some Examples

ClickBank Niches

If I want to know what are the most popular niches on the ClickBank platform, I could just ask it.

46 clickbank

Capitalize Headline

Or let’s say I have a headline for a short weight loss report… “How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days without amputating your left butt cheek!”

One problem – I don’t know how to capitalize the headline.

Well, let’s just ask ChatGPT!

47 capitalize headline

Problem solved!

Find Affiliate Programs

If you have a website in the yoga niche and you’re looking for affiliate programs to sign up for… you could ask ChatGPT for recommendations.

48 find affiliate programs

Look at that! You have a list of URLs in seconds.

Don’t get carried away just yet. I tested out the links and ONLY links 4 & 8 work!

This is a perfect example of how ChatGPT can get things wrong and why you need to manually check the data.

Anyway, you already have the brands above – so you just need to visit their official sites and find the affiliate sign up links.

These are just 3 ways to use ChatGPT as a search engine. In some instances, it might be more time-efficient than Google.

There are thousands of other ways you can use this AI tool.

You’re only limited by your imagination and creativity – two traits that ChatGPT doesn’t have yet. So use your grey matter and harness this tool effectively.

Now let’s see why ChatGPT has many copywriters shaking in their boots.

It’s about time those overpriced, self-important, bloviating gasbags start feeling the heat from our dear little Chatty!

But onto the next module. It might be just what you were waiting for: Easy Sales Copy in Minutes.

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