Bonus Lesson: Where Do You Go from Here?

Where Do You Go from Here?

By now you’ll realize what a powerful and formidable tool ChatGPT can be. It’s like the Swiss army knife of content creation.

And it’s here to stay and only going to keep getting better in time to come.

However, there are a few things that ChatGPT can’t do yet.

It can’t be personable, creative, funny, or engaging.

It lacks those essential human qualities which is crucial for creating content that’s emotive and which resonates with an audience.

That’s exactly why you cannot rely entirely on it.

With the internet, the world has gotten a lot smaller. Influencers are followed by millions of people because of the human element.

People like buying stuff from other people. They like watching what others say and do. We’re social creatures by nature.

That’s why social media and gossip magazines are still popular in 2023.

ChatGPT does not have the human element in it.

It lacks emotion, personal experiences, and most importantly, soul. While it’s a tireless assistant, it can never replace you.

The content it generates cannot give the people what they truly want – the human touch.

The best way to build an audience who likes and trusts you will be to infuse ChatGPT’s content with your own personality.

If you can do that, creating outstanding content will be faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

These days, people want to be educated and entertained at the SAME time. You can’t do that with dull, generated text. You must rewrite and rework Chatty’s content.

Rewriting ChatGPT’s content may seem like extra work… and it is!

But you can rest assured that the difference between insipid, monotonous content and engaging human-written content that people love reading is that little extra.

When everyone else is copying and pasting AI content furiously, you need to be different and personalize the generated content.

That’s the ONLY way to stand above the noise and avoid sabotaging yourself in the long run.

It’ll be more work, but it’s never crowded along the extra mile, and ChatGPT will walk with you all the way.

Use it wisely… and may the content creation Gods smile upon you.

And here's an additional bonus: This entire course in a downloadable book format that you can read onscreen or print out to read at your leisure.

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