Module 2: Focus on the Point of Conversion

About Module 2: Focus on the Point of Conversion

Learn how to relate your core message to the conversation going on in your customer's mind.

Focus on the Point of Conversion

Learning Objectives

To learn how to obtain a thorough understanding of your audience and your offers so that you can start writing effective copy.

To uncover the key information you need to know about your customer and draft the core message you want your product or service to convey.

Your customer makes a journey from being unaware of you and your product to making a purchase from you. To get more customers, you need to understand all aspects of this journey.

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Don't distract your potential customer with irrelevant content that weakens your core message. Learn how to identify your core message and focus on it.

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There's a sweet spot where your copy connects with your customer's wants. Learn to discover where that is and then press your advantage.

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