Lesson 1: Urgency and Scarcity

Urgency And Scarcity

Well-crafted CTAs can improve conversions. So can introducing the elements of urgency and scarcity into your copy. If you’re not familiar with this, read on.

People don’t want to miss out and if you tell them there’s a limited number of something they’re thinking of buying, that can tip them over the line. The same is true if they only have a short time to make up their minds on a deal. They’re pressed to buy now while the clock is ticking.

Learning Outcomes

To learn how to use urgency in your copy to help your prospect's decision making.

To learn how to use (genuine) scarcity to get them to take action now.

Be Genuine

If you use urgency and scarcity tactics as an incentive to purchase, be genuine about it. It makes no sense to say there are only 20 online programs available, because everyone knows that hundreds can sign up for something digital and on-demand. However, there is a legitimate reason why you can only offer 20 one-on-one coaching slots to new clients in the next month. That’s because your time is limited.

If you introduce restrictions either in time or amount, then be true to your word. If buyers must sign up by midnight tonight or miss out, at midnight tonight you change or close your offer. Inauthentic copy turns prospects cold, and they’ll go shop somewhere else. It's hard to gain trust and very easy to lose it.

In a long sales page, you can expand on the scarcity/urgency elements and explain your reasons for the restrictions.  

Be Specific

Avoid vague statements that are standard but don’t communicate anything, such as:


Vague Statements

  • While supplies last
  • Don’t miss out
  • Order before it’s too late

 Here are some examples that convey the precise restrictions:



Precise Statements

  • Expires in 12 hours
  • 50% off today only
  • Offer ends on X date
  • Special members discount today
  • Program starts Monday, sign up today



Scarcity Statements

  • Only 15 spots available 
  • 100 bundles left
  • 10 slots only for new clients

These elements won’t always be applicable to your offers but include them where you can. You could add a countdown clock or a number counter as a visual that communicates the need to buy.

Action Steps

For one of your products, rewrite the sales copy to incorporate genuine urgency.

For the same or a different product, rewrite the sales copy to incorporate genuine scarcity.

[For example, when I launch my Affiliate Marketing FAST Training Course, I offer a limited number of personal Zoom sessions to course graduates. To get them you have to be one of the first n purchasers (n is typically 5 to 10). This appeals to both urgency (buy now to qualify) and scarcity (the slots will be gone soon). The thing to be careful of here is that once the slots are gone, both scarcity and urgency are gone as well. So it's a good idea to have a backup offer. Sorry, all the Zoom sessions are gone, but you can still get (this other offer) if you're one of the next 50 buyers. Of course, you must also give this offer to those that took you up on the first one.]

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