Lesson: Review and Improve

Review and Improve (Frequently)

Once your copy is written and out there, that doesn’t mean you’re done.

You need to keep the copy’s performance under review to ensure it’s delivering the conversion rate you want.

Plan a review after three months to see what results you’re getting. Look at your metrics, but also identify exactly what in the copy itself is working. Keep an account of this to try it out for future sales copy. You might want to split-test another aspect that you believe is holding back sales.

Skills Improvement

You don’t need a degree to be a good copywriter, but you do have to learn and practice the craft, and that takes time. You can set yourself practice exercises weekly to get used to the process even if you don’t have copy to write just now.

Invest in your level of skill further by taking more training in copywriting, reading books on copywriting, and perhaps even finding a copywriting mentor.

From time to time, reflect on your progress and congratulate yourself when your sales copy produces results.

What You Learned

This is a course you can refer back to time and time again, helping you whenever you want to refine your sales copywriting skills. It’s important to reflect on what you’ve learned, so answer these questions and complete the action plan in your Action Guide:


Questions to Answer

  • What have you learned about how to craft sales copy that converts?
  • What difficulties have you encountered?
  • How do you plan to address any issues?
  • What further steps can you take to become totally comfortable with the process?

Action Steps

Plan a three-month review of a new piece of copy to analyze results.

Review the course thoroughly and answer the questions in your Action Guide.

Use the action plan in the Action Guide to record your goals and what needs to happen next.

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