Lesson 2: Learn the Skill of Copywriting

Learn the Skill of Copywriting

Becoming proficient at copywriting isn’t a five-minute task. It’s like any skill that you can learn and perfect which needs time and attention.

Your relationship with copy will depend on your experience. You might write copy from time to time, or you might be doing so regularly but still feel you aren’t getting very far. If you’ve had any negative experience, that will influence how you approach the task.

Learning Objectives

To take the right approach to perfecting your copywriting.

To learn to revise and revise again.

Save other people's copy in a swipe file for inspiration.

Devote Time to Copywriting

First, you need to change your mindset about copywriting if it’s already negative. Get rid of any residual feelings from past experiences. Instead, think, “I might’ve struggled with this in the past, but I’m now going to learn and get better at it.”

Second, be prepared to devote the time it takes to write, rewrite, test, and rewrite again. Choosing the right words can take a lot more time and effort than anticipated.

When you’re planning copywriting time into your schedule, book several short sessions with yourself spread over a few days or a week. This will work better than one long session which could leave you tired and demotivated.

Copywriting is a work in progress for most people. When you leave it and come back to it the next day, you’ll have fresh insight to see what works and what needs tweaking.

One effective way to get more comfortable with copywriting is to start a swipe file on your computer or smartphone. Save copy you come across that has encouraged you to take action or made you sit up and take notice. This helps you learn, and you can flip through the file when you need inspiration.

Action Steps

Consider your products and services and write down the reasons you believe people buy from you. 

Describe all your attitudes to copywriting (e.g., “I’m not very good at it”, “I really enjoy it”, “It’s a waste of time”):

  • Rewrite any negative statements into positive statements.
  • Practice saying them to yourself to change your mindset.

Note down how much time and effort you currently devote to copywriting.

Create a swipe file on your computer or smartphone and start keeping examples of copy you’ve spotted.

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