Lesson 2: Let Others Speak for You

Let Others Speak for You

Learning Objective

To employ third-party comments to strengthen the impact of your copy so that your prospects feel confident they’re buying the right solution for them.

What Others Say

Even if you won’t say it out loud, we care about what other people think and we take notice of what they say.

That’s why most consumers do their own research on the Internet before they make a purchase. They want to see what past purchasers have said.

People usually look at online reviews or ratings from those who’ve already bought your product or service. They trust that these comments give the real, unvarnished truth about a product, and they’ll be influenced to purchase (or not purchase) based on what they read.

The impact of third-party reviews is significant because these comments are seen as unbiased, rather than your own copy which is judged as anything but neutral.

The transformation picture you’ve painted in your copy may be compelling, but it will be even more effective when painted by another customer. It will help them find out what the purchase did for actual buyers. This will help them visualize their own life after buying and will reinforce the picture you’ve painted for them in the BAB process.

How to Use Third Party Copy

Rather than wait for followers to post haphazard comments, proactively collect them yourself.



You probably already use testimonials and positive comments to provide social proof. By putting them inside your sales copy, you can use them to strengthen your message. This could be a quote from a short sentence in an email or social media post, or a longer testimonial or complete case study on a sales page.

Thinking of the end copy will help you when you ask for testimonials. You want a demonstration of the before and after picture, so ask for it. It’s like a mini case study which will show tangible benefits for real-live humans.

For example, here’s a template you can use to give you that:

I worked with X on her XX program. When I started, I was X but by the end of the course I had XXXX.

Keep in mind your key marketing message too, so if the main benefit your customers are seeking is to save time:

I bought the XX power grinder on Saturday and had my work finished by Sunday! I can’t believe it took so little time to do X for my kid’s room. I am truly a proud dad thanks to X.

Reviews and Ratings

Customers are increasingly asked to give an opinion on their experience with a business.

They’re asked to rate all sorts of interactions, from an online page to a customer support phone call. And consumers regularly consult these comments before making a purchase.

Be proactive in collecting reviews. For example:


Collect Reviews

  • Always ask buyers to leave feedback. Remember, people are busy and may need a gentle reminder if they don’t act immediately.
  • Introduce a feedback process to your web pages and collect your own ratings.
  • Use industry sites appropriate to your business such as Amazon, Yelp, and TripAdvisor where customers frequently leave comments.  

Anticipate Objections with FAQs

One thing you can be sure would-be buyers will bring up are objections, especially if they’ve seen a comment or low review on a third-party site.

It’s best to handle these head-on. And you can do this effectively through a list of FAQs which you add to your long-form copy. Place it with a clickable link either at the bottom of your sales page or on a separate page.

FAQs can also be a great way to highlight the features and benefits of your product or service. By providing potential customers with answers to their most common questions, you can help them see the value in what you’re offering and make the decision to buy from you.

Action Steps

Gather testimonials you’ve received in the past.

Decide how to integrate them into your chosen piece of copy.

Pick one specific way to collect reviews (e.g., use a testimonial template, use an online feedback form, sign up to an online review site).

List all objections for your offer. Turn them into Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to supplement your chosen piece of copy.  

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