Lesson 8: Adding Your Own Content

Welcome back. You can use your own images inside of your Canva designs, and if you go to your left side menu and you click on the uploads area, this is where you can add in your own content to your designs. For example, we can click this link. This will allow us to grab an image from our hard drive and upload that image to Canva.

You will notice then that that image is part of your uploads, and when you click on that image, you can add it to your Canva design. What you'll also notice is that when you hover over the image, you'll then see that there is a set of, and this will allow you different functions with that particular image. You can move that image into a folder.

You can download that image, you can move that image to the trash, but just by clicking on the image, we are then adding that image to our canvas. With our design, we can take that image and we can size it up or size it down. We can manipulate and move that image where we want on our design by dragging and dropping the image on our design.

What you'll notice by highlighting this image is that you have a sub menu across the top. We can edit this image, and you'll notice here that when the perversion, we have a background remover, but even without the perversion, we can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the image. We can add in filters, and we can enhance that image in ways that Canva gives us.

Here in this sub menu. On the left side, we can crop the image, and you'll see here with the image that we have, and we can crop it according to those parameters. We can flip the image, so for example, we can click flip the image horizontally or flip it vertically, and you'll see that the image flips. If it is that you don't like what you have changed, you can use your undo command here on the top side menu, and the image will go back to being the same. If we want to add animation to the image, we can click animation and basically we can make it so that the image appears in presentation form with a specific animation by clicking on top of the animation, and we hover on top of the animation.

We'll see what the image will do when we actually add the animation. Also within the sub-in is the position area, and we can align the image specifically to the page. We can use the alignment elements, and basically we can make it so that the image is going to appear where we want it to appear. Also, across the top, we're going to see that there is a transparency element that we can add and you'll notice here that the image is now 100% transparent. We can change it so that it is fully transparent. If we are collaborating, one thing we can do is we can lock the image and basically we've made it so that this image cannot be changed if we are collaborating with another individual. If we want that image to be changeable, we can click the unlock area and finally, we can also click this link button in order to create a specific, in order to add a specific link to a specific element that we want to link to, and we can place that link here in this area. If we don't want to have that link, we can delete the link. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video.



Adding Your Own Content Audio

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