Lesson 15: Canva Applications and Integrations

Welcome back. Now, inside the edit area, you're going to see that there is a menu item called apps. This will allow you to add in elements from Canva, and you've already seen some of these elements in other menus. These elements are from Canva. At the very top, you can also add in outside applications, and these are going to require you to have third party accounts with these elements, and you will see some overlap in these elements. And basically what you're doing is you're creating an integration so that you'll be able to get the content from your accounts in these elements, net them to your Canvas document. You will see all of the apps pictured here in this area. If you want to search the applications, you can search them and you can search them using the name, and then you will find the application that you want to use. You'll be able to use the ellipses, and you'll be able to look at the app details as viewed by Canva. And this is actually an important step because this will tell you what the app will actually do for you by integrating with your Canva account.

Okay? So with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video.



Canva Applications and Integrations Audio

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