Lesson 10: Create a Video with Canva

Welcome back. When you are in the uploads area, you can add videos to your Canva account. We're going to click on the videos tab, and basically we can upload videos from our hard drive, or we can grab the videos that we already have from our accounts in Google, Instagram, Facebook, or Dropbox. Now, one alternative that we have is to click on this button that says to record yourself.

When you click on this button, what will happen is you are going to give Canva permission to use the webcam connected to your browser, and basically what you will be able to do then is to record your webcam for a Canva project. You can click on allow. What you'll notice here is that you will need to allow Canva to use your microphone. Now, for the sake of this video, because we are recording a video, we're not going to allow Canva to use our microphone, so we're going to turn this part off. But typically, if you're going to create a recording for Canva, you would allow Canva to use your microphone. You'll then be inside of your Canva Canvas. You can click on this area, and that is where the controls for your camera will be. You can record your camera and your screen, and to record your camera on your screen, you will choose the screen and your camera will appear at the same time. You can choose also to record your screen. In that case, you can click the screen button and you can choose the screen that you want to record without recording your camera at the same time.

So basically what Canva gives you the ability to do is to produce a screen share video, a screen share video with your camera, or a video with just your camera. Now, assuming that we're just going to select a specific screen, we're going to click share. You're going to notice that there's going to be a panel down here that may be in the way of your record button.

You're gonna wanna move that so you can see the record button. What you'll then want to do is to record the screen that you have chosen to record. You are then going to do your screen recording, and you'll see the mouse moving on the screen. Once you've completed your recording, you'll then click done, and once your recording is complete, you can then watch your recording to see if it's what you want it to be.

And if it is, you can then click save and exit. If it isn't, you can delete that recording and start again within Canva. For the sake of this video, we're going to click save and Exit. You'll then see your recording to appear on top of your design. You can then take your entire design. You can then download the entire design with your video and you'll notice then that Canva will give you a suggestion to download your project now as an MP4 video. Okay? It's with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video.



Create a Video with Canva Audio

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