Lesson 14: Elements of the PRO Version

Welcome back. Now, throughout the menus, you're going to notice that there are elements that are going to have a gold crown. And that gold crown represents the fact that it requires a pro account. So for example, if you want to know the version history of your auto saves, you will need the pro account for that. If you want to use the resize document element, you'll need to do that with the pro version. You can upgrade to the pro version by going here to this area that says Try Canva Pro. You'll see various elements in places, and you'll notice here, for example, the brand tool, the content planner tool, those are ProLevel tools. When you're Searching for certain elements to add, you're going to notice here that you're going to see on certain elements, you'll see the crown. These are indicators that in order to place these in your document, that you'll need the pro version. But in many cases, you can work around these effects by just working with the free elements inside of the program until there is something that you will want. If you have looked at the smart mockups area, you'll notice that some of the mockups require a pro version.

However, if you've looked at the applications, these applications are not marked as being specifically for the pro version. So again, as you begin to work with Canva extensively, when you begin to hit the limits of what you're able to do with the free version, you can then switch over to the pro version to get access to these other elements.

Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video.



Elements of the PRO Version Audio

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