Lesson 19: Output Design to Printed Merchandise

Welcome back. You can output your design as a printed document. To do that, you can go to this share button, and you're going to see that there is an element here that says Print your design. Once you open up this menu, you can either search for the kind of document that you want to output to, or you can choose one of the outputs available inside of Canva.

Assuming that what you want to do is to create a mousepad, you can click mousepad. Now, to do this, we're going to click on resize design for the mousepad, and basically you can order your Mousepads direct from Canva according to the pricing in the dropdown menu. Now, if you want to print to a different document or a second merchandise print item, it's a good idea to go to your homepage and to access the document that you were using at the very beginning. You want to select that document. What you're then going to do is you're going to go back, you're then going to share again. You are then going to print your design, and this time you're going to choose the element that you want to work with.

Now you're going to be choosing a second element. The element will resize the design on your behalf, and when that's done, Canva does share a copy with you and you will then order this item directly from Canva.

Okay? It's with that, thanks, and I'll see you either in another video or in another course.



Output Design to Printed Merchandise Audio

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