Lesson 18: Output Design to Social Media

Welcome back. You can output your content directly to social media if you click this share button. What you're going to see here is that there is a link to share on social, and you can click this button. You can choose the social media account where you want to share your content. You'll notice here that scheduling your content though is a pro version tool.

Now, when you click the different elements, what you're going to see is that you'll be prompted to connect your account to your Canva account. Now, in addition to the social menu, there are additional ways to share your document. If you click this more area, you're going to see that those additional elements are present and you can choose them according to how you want to share your document.

In some cases, you'll recognize that some of these are the apps that you see in the left side menu. You will recognize these elements in previous screens. You have messaging apps, email applications, and you have ways to be able to share your document. For example, one way to share your document is to share as a QR code. What you're going to do is you're going to turn your design into a QR code.

You're going to select the specific page. Once you do that, you're then going to generate the QR code. Canva will then generate your QR code. You can then download your QR code to your hard drive, and you can begin to use it in order to direct people to the URL that you have placed inside of your sharing option. So you do have sharing options other than sharing to social media.

You will just need to click the more button in order to see them. Okay? So with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video.



Output Design to Social Media Audio

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