Lesson 12: Page Customization Elements

Welcome back. Now, within every document that you are working on are elements that you can use for further customization. For example, you can take the base element and you can duplicate the same page to make a second page as part of the document you're working on. And you'll see that here in the upper right hand corner. You're going to click that element and what's going to happen then is you'll see now that you have page two.

if you scroll up, you're going to see the same page. Now at page one, each of those pages will have its own title and you can title each of those pages. If you decide that you don't want one of the pages, you can go to this area and you can delete the page and you'll then have one page left. What you can also do is you can add in a base page.

If you click this area, you're going to notice that the basis for the page will then be added. If you want to have a similar background for another page that you are creating, since your documents auto save, you're going to want to go to this top area and you're going to want to write in a title for your document. That's going to be unique and this title will auto save and be available to you on your homepage for Canva. Now, as you work on your document, you can scale down or scale up the document. So if you want to see more of the document, you can scale it down so you can see more of it on a page, or you can scale it up so that you'll be able to see it in more detail and scroll to fit what you want to see.

In some cases, you may want to write in notes about what you're thinking about, or if you're working with another individual, you may want to write notes for the people that you are collaborating with, and you can click this area and you can see that you can write in notes. You'll see those notes on the left side menu. We can click this area to make the notes a hidden part of the document.

Okay? So with that, thanks and I will see you in another video.



Page Customization Elements Audio

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