Lesson 17: Output Design to Presentation

Welcome back. Now, another way to output your document is to do a presentation. To demonstrate this, we're going to need to duplicate our page, and it's going to be as if we had several of these pages that were customized. What we're now going to do is present our document. Gonna go to the share area. You're going to see that there is a link here that says present.

We're going to click present. Now we can choose how we're going to present the document. What you'll see here is that we can make it so that the presentation will autoplay. We can make it so that we have the presenter view, so that we can view our notes and the upcoming slides. We can also present and record our presentation as we do it.

The most flexible is going to be the standard presentation. If we want to share a link to someone being able to view this presentation, we can do it. And you have sharing options here that Canva gives you, or you can email it to yourself. Well, we're going to do is click present. That's going to give us a presentation screen, and basically we can advance through our presentation.

Once we have completed the presentation, we can click escape. That brings us back to Canva where our presentation is. And so presenting is one way of being able to output your content from your Canva design and document.

Okay? So with that, thanks and I will see you in another video.



Output Design to Presentation Audio

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