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Google Analytics

It's very difficult to make improvements to your online business without knowing what to improve.

You need metrics.

How many visitors do you get each day?

Where do they come from?

Are they increasing, decreasing or staying around the same?

What proportion are using computers, tablets or smartphones to find your site?

Which pages are the most popular?

And so on.

Google Analytics is the free tool that gives you all this information and more.

But it's not trivial to set up.

This course leads you through the process step by step.

Google Analytics


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I spent 48 years in IT, graduating from computer programmer to system designer to team leader for several listed companies. This was followed by creating my own company that developed some very successful software applications. Eventually, I sold that company and retired. Well, sort of. I filled my retirement with travel and the development of successful online businesses, in both the affiliate marketing and e-commerce spaces. This website IM (Internet Marketing) FAST Training will host training courses to showcase how YOU can do the same.

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