Lesson 2: Paste the Analytics Code into Your Website

Paste the Analytics Code into Your Website

OK, you’ve generated the code and copied it. Now… how to get it into your website. It has to go before the </head> tag on every page that you want to track. You could do it page by page by editing the html directly but that’s clearly impractical. Here the easy method:

Using The Thrive Suite

The Thrive dashboard makes it very simple.

Click on Thrive Dashboard in your site's WordPress menu and scroll to Analytics and Scripts.

24 Thrive Dashboard Manage Scripts

Click the Manage Scripts button.

This will show any existing scripts and you can choose to add a new one.

25 Add a New Script

Click the Add New button.

You can paste the Google Analytics script into the next screen.

26 Paste the Script

Paste the copied script into the Script panel and click in the Script Label panel to bring up the automatic label Google Analytics.

Leave the Placement as Before </head> and tick both Inserted In check boxes.

Click the Continue button.

This will then show that the Analytics script has been added.

27 Analytics Script Added

Click the Back to Dashboard button.

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