Lesson 2: Create Your Google Analytics Account

Create Your Google Analytics Account

Whether you have just followed these instructions to create a new Google account or you already had one, you can log in to your Google Analytics account at https://analytics.google.com/

But this time, instead of clicking on Create New Account, enter the email address of your Google account and click Next.

12 Enter Your Email Address to Sign in to Your Google Account

Enter your email address and click Next.

The next screen will ask for the password you set up for your Google account.

13 Enter Google Account Password

Enter your password and click Next.

You should then see the Welcome to Google Analytics screen. Now you are going to start measuring what’s happening on your website.

14 Welcome to Google Analytics

Click the Start Measuring button.

The next screen is the start of your Google Analytics account. You start by giving your account a name.

15 Give Your Google Analytics Account a Name

Enter a name for your Google Analytics account. It’s probably best not to use your website’s name, as you may end up with more than one website on this account.

Using your own name is fine.

Then click the Next button to set up your first property (this will be your website).

16 Set up a Google Analytics Property

This will be what’s called a Google Analytics 4 property. This replaced the older GA property, which you can still create (for backwards compatibility) by clicking Show Advanced Options. You will not be doing this.

Give the property a name. It makes sense to use its website name here.

Set up your reporting time zone and currency and click Next.

You will enter your business information into the next screen.

17 Enter Your Business Information

Note that this information has no effect on your Google Analytics. It’s just stuff Google collects for statistical purposes.

Fill it in as best you can and click the Create button.

This will bring up Google’s Terms of Service for Analytics, which you must accept to proceed.

18 Accept Google Analytics Terms of Service

Click the I Accept button.

In the next screen, you control how much emailed information you wish to receive from Google. Again, note that this has nothing to do with your site’s analytics. It just allows you to specify what kind of emails you would like to receive from Google.

19 Communications Preferences

Tick the checkbox against the ones you want to receive (if any) and click the Save button.

Now to start collecting data!

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