Lesson 4: Using Monster Insights

Using Monster Insights

Remember that you can still go to your Google Analytics account to see everything that is being tracked on your website.

With Monster Insights installed, you may see a new dashboard summary as soon as you log in to your site’s Admin area:

44 WordPress Monster Insights Dashboard

From this quick but useful overview, you can navigate to

  • Top Posts and Pages
  • New vs. Returning Visitors
  • Device Breakdown

or you can click the Go to the Analytics Dashboard button to see all the reports.

You can also go there directly while in your website’s Admin area. Find the new item Insights in your WordPress menu and click Reports.

45 Monster Insights Reports

Click Reports.

It’s beyond the scope of this training to cover everything that can be displayed here. You will need to explore it yourself, but here are some highlights:

There are eight report tabs to select from.

46 Monster Insights Report Tabs

The Overview Report shows a graphical display and a numeric summary of Sessions and Page Views.

47 Overview Report Sessions and Page Views

Once your Google Analytics account has existed for more than 30 days, the full width of the graph will be filled in.

47a Overview Report Sessions and Page Views

Scroll down to see other graphical information, along with your top posts and pages.

48 Other Graphical Information

Many of these have links that you can click for expanded information.

There are other plugins that you might like to explore also.

Other Plugins for Displaying Google Analytics Data

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