Module 4: Your Web Host

About Module 4: Your Web Host

The files that make up your website have to be stored somewhere. They have to be accessible 365/7/24 to anyone in the world with an internet connection and they have to show your website to visitors quickly. As they say, "money loves speed". There are many companies that offer this type of service. They are called web hosts. I show you how to get a good one.

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Your Web Host

What You Need to Know

In these lessons, I explain exactly what a web host is and recommend some that I know are good and have personal experience with.

I explain what to avoid and direct you to web hosts where you can start with a budget-conscious plan that is surprisingly cheap, but which offers a pathway to accommodate your websites' growth and success. I also cover each host's support services.

Signing up and adding your website to your host's servers is simple with some web hosts but more complex with others. I illustrate the process for the web hosts I recommend.

Finally, I explain how to connect your domain name to your chosen web hosting service. This is called pointing your domain name to your host's domain name servers. This isn't a complex process, but can cause issues for some.

So I illustrate it step-by-step in the next module.

December 21, 2022

Before you can have your website hosted, you must select a web host and sign up for one of their plans. This lesson teaches you how to do that.

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