Lesson 1: What is a Niche?

What is a Niche?

You can define a niche as the thing that your business is all about.

A niche can also be thought of as a group of people with a common interest or a group of people looking for something. They are your audience.

For example, you could decide to build your business around golf.

You would create helpful, informative articles such as how to drive 20 yards further than your golfing buddies or ways to shave one or more strokes off your putting and you would have affiliate links to vendors who supply golf clubs, buggies, rangefinders, fashion clothing and so on.

And your audience, of course, is the millions of people world-wide who play the game of golf.

It's a very sub-dividable audience.

It can be broken down into men, women and children; experienced players and those just starting out; and by age group.

You'd have the opportunity to help each of those groups with targeted information and targeted products.

And golfers are notorious for having no hesitation in spending big money on their hobby.

But, as explained in the previous module, they have to trust you first.

Or, just as another example, how about coffee?

Products ranging from bags of coffee beans to fully automatic espresso coffee machines. With a large number of suppliers, including some high-ticket items from Amazon.

As for your audience, there's no shortage of coffee lovers in the world!


At the end of this lesson, you should understand what a business niche is and have started to think about possible niches for your new affiliate marketing online business.

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