Lesson 2: Why You Should Build an Ethical Business

There are many technical steps that you need to take in order to build a successful affiliate marketing business. They are all covered in this training course.

But important (and indeed essential) as they are, they will not by themselves bring success.

No. For that you need trust.

Trust by your visitors that you know what you're talking about. That you understand their needs and feel their pain.

That you are genuinely here to help them with great information and that you would only recommend products that will be useful to them.

To achieve this, your website needs a few things to be in place (and now is the time to learn them, before you commit to a niche and start building your business):

  • An honest and complete About Me page that includes a photograph and some personal information related to your niche
  • Blog posts that simply provide useful and relevant content, without trying to sell anything
  • An informative landing page about each product you want to promote with CTAs (Calls to Action) that contain your affiliate link
  • A commitment to promote only products from vendors with high ethical standards
  • A genuinely useful giveaway that will persuade people to join your list and become valuable future customers.

All of these things are part of building an ethical business.

And only ethical businesses survive in the long term.

Part of this is developing the right mindset.

You want to become wealthy, don't you?

Then reflect on the derivation of the word "wealth".

It's actually derived from a combination of "well" and "health".

If money and social standing are your only goals, then you're doomed to be disappointed, as there will always be someone with more of both than you.

Real and lasting wealth is measured by the health and well-being (physically, mentally, and spiritually) of ourselves and our loved ones.

Achieve real, lasting wealth supported by an ethical business that you're proud of and you will have it all.


At the end of this lesson, you should

  • Understand that real wealth will come only from building an ethical, sustainable business whose essential purpose is to help others solve their problems and attain their desires
  • Be thinking of the autobiographical "About Me" information that you will share with your customers and prospects as part of building trust and gaining their confidence.

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