Lesson 2: All About WordPress

All About WordPress

A Bit of History

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (Content Management System) that is estimated to power 35% of the internet or around 550 million websites.

The main features are the template system and plugin architecture. Templates allow developers to build on a predefined structure as opposed to building out a site from scratch. Plugins allow for additional functionality to extend the tools that come “out of the box.”

WordPress history goes back to 2003.

The founders of WordPress operated on the belief that great software should work with minimal setup. They aimed to make WordPress tools easy to use and intuitive so that developers and designers spend their time creating. No matter what tools you use to build sites, there are many reasons why so many web agencies use WordPress.


One of the most powerful features of WordPress is the concept of themes.

Today, there are over 2,500 free WordPress themes that are available, though many include an upgrade to a paid version.

A WordPress theme comprises a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. Changes to your design will alter how your site looks and what visitors see on the front-end.

A theme is a lens that your website is viewed through. It doesn't affect your actual content, but how that content is shown to anyone visiting your website.


WordPress just keeps getting better and better and, while that's partly due to the platform itself being updated regularly, it's also because of the release of new plugins and the ongoing development of new ones.

The Thrive Suite of Themes and Plugins

The Thrive Suite is simply the best collection of themes and plugins available for WordPress. It's an essential part of your toolkit to build a robust, attractive, conversion focused website in the shortest possible time. It's an essential part of your kit.

The Thrive Suite costs $299 for a year's registration and all of its tools can be used on up to 5 websites.

Because I know how much you're going to get out of the Thrive Suite and because I don't want you to be put off by an unexpected cost, I've included a full year's registration in the cost of the Affiliate Marketing FAST course, so that you can use all of the Thrive themes and plugins right from the start.

Thrive plugins make so many things easy that website developers struggle with. Things like flowing text around images, connecting to an autoresponder and creating an opt-in to build a mailing list, to name just a few. I'll be covering them all in this training.

You will also have access to the Thrive University, a wonderful resource for further training and ideas.

The website examples in this course will all be illustrated using the Thrive toolset.


At the end of this lesson, you should understand the importance of themes and plugins for effective website development and that you will have a huge advantage over most beginning website developers because of the Thrive Suite.

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