Lesson 1: The Thrive Suite

The Thrive Suite

One of the things that makes a huge difference to the ease and speed of creating a website (as well as how good the end product looks and how functional it is) is the right toolbox.

That's why I have the Thrive Suite installed on all my websites and recommend that you do the same.

It's a paid set of themes, templates and plugins that can be used for up to 5 websites.

Many things that website designers struggle with are done with trivial ease using Thrive's facilities.

Build Your Website with Thrive

Thrive: Themes and Plugins I Wouldn’t be Without

thrive 01

WordPress is arguably the best, easiest and most effective platform to build a commercial website on.

But much of its strength comes from the huge number of themes and plugins that have been created to extend its functionality. Some are free. Many are not. They don’t all co-exist peacefully. Some used to be good, but haven’t been updated to work with later versions of WordPress.

It can be a bit of a minefield.

The Thrive Suite is a set of conversion optimized themes and plugins that do away with the need for almost anything else. They work seamlessly with WordPress and with each other and are frequently updated. Thrive University provides in-depth training via text and video.

I’ve been a user of Thrive Themes and Plugins for years and simply would not attempt to build a website without them. They are exactly what you need to build customer-focused, income-producing websites.

Thrive Themes is sold as a membership. For a single membership payment, you get

  • Access to the full suite of Thrive WordPress plugins
  • The Thrive theme builder
  • Constant updates and access to new plugins
  • Thrive University
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Exclusive members only courses, templates and content
  • Unlimited support.

What Does It Cost?

Thrive membership costs just $299 for a year and this entitles you to use all of the themes and plugins on 5 of your own websites.

Even if you don’t renew, you still have access to all of the Thrive facilities. You simply stop getting updates.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To purchase Thrive Themes or simply to investigate further, please click:


Unless of course, you are following my Affiliate Marketing FAST training course, in which case you will have the Thrive Suite included at no additional charge. Find out more at https://imfasttraining.com.


Thrive makes it very easy to install their themes and plugins.

thrive 02

You only need one plugin. It’s called thrive-product-manager.zip and you’ll be given access to it when you purchase Thrive Themes. Install it as you would any other plugin.

It allows you to install any or all of the Thrive Themes and Plugins.

thrive 03

There’s even a video explaining how to install and use the plugin.

Click on Product Manager in the main WP Menu and then log in to Thrive Themes with the username and password you created when you purchased.

thrive 04a

You are shown all of the Thrive plugins and themes that are available.

Select the ones you want to install and click Install Selected Products.

You don’t need to install everything at once. You can come back any time you want and install more.

Install Architect and Theme Builder

I’d suggest just Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect if you’re starting out.

Here is a summary of what you get.

Thrive Theme Builder

The Thrive Theme Builder gives you some base themes to choose from and then allows you to control every aspect of your new theme by selecting from templates for your home page, blog page, blog summary, header and footer menus, typography and so on.

And it doesn't stop there. You can edit any template to really make your theme unique and attractive.

And because they're templates, you can change the look and feel of your entire website with just a few clicks.

Here are some websites that I've created with the Thrive Theme Builder:

Aging Slowdown

Cycling Fitness Guide

Dog Master Training

Best in Cameras

Coffee Kickstart

Internet Marketing FAST

You will notice that each site has its own look and feel, including the use of image sliders (Cycling Fitness Guide, Best in Cameras and Coffee Kickstart) Video (Internet Marketing FAST) and a Home Page Giveaway (Dog Master Training) even though all have been built with the Thrive Theme Builder.

The basics of using the Thrive Theme Builder have been covered in Module 5 Lesson 6 and are continued in Module 6 Lesson 2, which is the next lesson after this one.

Build Your Website with Thrive Medium
Continue Your Journey with Thrive Medium
Become a Thrive Expert Medium


At the end of this lesson, you should have

  • The Thrive Product Manager on your website
  • installed Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect
  • Checked out the example websites and
  • Downloaded the three e-books to your reference library.

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