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I'm VERY close to finishing my long-awaited Affiliate Marketing FAST training course.

I've been working on it for the past year but am finally going to wrap it up. I will be releasing it in April.

This course will be entirely focused on teaching you to create a successful and profitable online affiliate marketing business. It will comprise 60 lessons spread across 12 modules, with each lesson anchored by an over-the-shoulder video, plus printed and audio material that you can download.

HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalize everything, I need to make sure I've covered everything you need.

That's where you come in. Please take a couple of minutes to answer this super-short survey - there is really only one thing I want to ask you...

What are your top two questions about Affiliate Marketing that I absolutely need to answer in my training course?

You can choose the Multi-Choice Survey (multi-choice answers for the two questions plus a free-form question where you can enter anything you like) or the Free-Form Survey (you can enter anything you like to all questions).

Just click the appropriate button below.