Course Outline

There are five modules in the course, engineered to take you from a standing start to having your own profitable, scalable online business.

Each module has a number of lessons, designed to be completed in turn. Each lesson is structured like this:

  • A statement of what the lesson is about and the outcome to be achieved.
  • An over the shoulder video that you can follow along to achieve the desired outcome.
  • A slide deck highlighting the essential lesson points.
  • A text explanation of the lesson to read on screen.
  • A downloadable PDF that you can print out.
  • An audio file that you can listen to as often as you wish.
  • A practical exercise for the student to perform and achieve the outcome. Includes the ability to start afresh and take the exercise again.

The five modules cover:

  • The things you must know. This is the starting point. You must know these to build a successful online business. It starts with why building an ethical business is not just the right choice, but the most profitable one and goes on to cover all the technical stuff to take you from a standing start to a business website.
  • Opt-ins and your mailing list. Teaches you how to build what will become your most valuable business asset.
  • Fancy stuff like quizzes, testimonials and exit pop-ups.
  • Welcome to the funnel. Your funnel is the juice that grows your business day by day.
  • Where are my visitors? Your business is ready to go. All it needs are visitors that become prospects, then customers then members of your tribe who buy from you over and over again.

PLUS a surprise set of bonus lessons. These are a masterclass teaching everything you need to make your online businesses profitable beyond your dreams.

I can't tell you what they are. If I did, they wouldn't be a surprise, would they?